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There are many ways to get a driver's license! We specialise in exchanging your existing driver's license or any driver's license you have had in the past! We do not supply fake driver's license, we only obtain genuine driver's licenses from government issuers! If you want a fake driver's license please look elsewhere. We specialise in exchanging genuine driver's licenses. Driving licences can be exchanged worldwide without a test! We cannot get every driver's license worldwide, only a few countries offer driver's license exchange by post, or by using a power of attorney document. Other countries require the licence holder to be there in person, in these cases we are more than happy to provide specialised assistance only.
What's this Website about? Lots of our clients have passed a test in one country only to find themselves not being able to drive in another country because of bureaucracy. They may have a valid driver's license from outside the country they are residing in and still be expected to do the test all over again! We do not think that is fair and will help in any way we can to fix this. They may have moved abroad and cannot renew a driver's license because they are no longer a resident in the country of issue or many of other reasons why they need a solution. Welcome to our website where you can obtain help with securing a new driver's license. No fake driver's license are available here - we only help with obtaining genuine driver's licenses from the relevant government department in any one of the countries we have agents in or knowledge of. The process can be simple with our help! You must choose the entitlements that you wish to have and then complete our on-line application form. You then scan in a passport portrait type photo and email it to us. We will then apply on your behalf and forward the driver's license to your contact address once issued (minimum approximately 3 to 4 weeks). Don't bother with fake driver's licenses, you will get caught! This is a game where everything is possible if you have the knowledge! Of course, back-doors to various systems, are wide open, especially in eastern Europe, where rules and procedures are often decided by small village office clerks who are responsible for exchanging driver's licenses and entering your details into a government database to issue a new one! If you are stuck without a driver's license one way would be to declare your existing driver's license lost or stolen, and in some countries they will issue an emergency driver's license for tourists and we are able to obtain and exchange emergency driver's licenses for regular driver's licenses in some foreign countries.

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Get a driver's license and then exchange to an Australian, Canadian, UK, US, EU, or any other! Are you going to lose your driver's license? Medical checks coming up? Have you failed your test because of nerves? Have you been convicted of traffic offences where the Courts have unfairly taken your driver's license away? Do you have to resit your test? Do you want to have more categories on your driver's license? Do you need Unlimited Motorcycle category? Do you want to be a truck driver?
Get a new driver's license from as little as 499 EURO, in 3 weeks the driver's license will be ready, but you can start driving in 7 days as soon as we email you copy of confirmations from the foreign government that the new driver's license is being prepared.
Self Declaration Category Entitlement
Whichever way you spell it, driver's license, driving licenSe, driving licenCe etc., etc... By using a foreign driver's license you can usually get away from speeding cameras, parking fines, motorway fees etc. Combine it with driving a foreign car and you will really be treated like a tourist, all fines from infractions in driving laws are lost in the post to your mailbox in a foreign country.
No driver's license? That's No Problem!
Have you lost your driver's license? That's No Problem! No details? That's No Problem! Need a point-free driver's license? That's No Problem! Need motorcycle, car, commerical passenger, even heavy goods entitlement? That's No Problem! Over 70? That's No Problem! Do not want to take a medical exam? That's No Problem!
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This service is for anybody, worldwide, regardless of residence status of the UK or EU to obtain a full driver's license without sitting any tests. It does not matter what country you are resident of or citizen of - we can help, even if you live outside the UK or EU! Once you have a driver's license through us, you can probably exchange it in your own country for a local driver's license or just use it without exchange. EU driver's licenses are accepted worldwide for driving and exchange. It does not matter what citizenship you hold!
So Many Possibilities!
With over 110 different models of driver's license in current use throughout the EU, and other driver's licenses available worldwide, do you really think it's that difficult to get a genuine driver's license?
Lost your driver's license somewhere?
Make a declaration that your driver's license has been lost/mislaid/stolen in certain countries that we operate within. No other proof that you have even passed a test is required, just your sworn declaration. They will issue you with a temporary tourist driver's license which we can then get translated and exchanged for a regular driver's license.
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There are many ways to obtain a driver's license without examination. Some of our clients exchange their current driver's license, they complete our application form and we print it out and translate some of the driver's license and translate the application form, put it all together and apply for a new driver's license in a foreign country. Some customers even obtain extra driving categories this way (editors note: naughty!) by selecting them on the application form as the foreign issuing authority will look at the translation and not the driver's license or because rules are different in other countries.
We have explored most of the ways to get a driver's license so you don't have to! And without using fakes!
Communication between countries is still very poor and sometimes there is no communication, some countries do not send the exchanged licence back to the issuer, so nobody bothers to check if the driver's license you present for exchange is even genuine or not, it could be a fake driver's license and no one knows. There is a system called EUCARIS that allows member countries within the EU to exchange vehicle information and/or driver information but not all countries are connected, moreover this system is useless when it comes to driver's license exchange of driver's licenses from outside the EU. We do not deal in any kind of fake driver's license, there are many instances of people exchanging fake driver's licenses only to get caught years after. This is an amateur practice and not even needed if you know what you are doing. Note: Driving records are lost once you exchange your driver's license with another country, giving you a clean driver's license, but only if you know which countries do not share information, so if you are going to lose your driver's license, we can help you exchange it abroad before it is too late. It is your legal right to hold any member country EU driver's license if you are an EU citizen, preferably you should be driving on a driver's license that was issued in a different country to the country you are resident and driving in for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is of course so that it becomes a lot more difficult for the authorities to make a permanent record on your driver's license should you be prosecuted for a driving offence. Forget headaches of being disqualified from totting up points on your driver's license or increasing insurance premiums!
185 day rule - what is it? This is an EU directive not a law and only applies to the European Union member countries. It states that each member country should make rules stating that any person applying for a driver's license should be at least "connected" with the country in question for at least 185 days. This directive has been implemented in different ways in each country. The bottom line is that some countries are more flexible and apply their version of the directive in different ways. Some say you must have been staying there and some say that you intend on staying there, some countries say that you must exchange within a certain time period and others say after a certain time period. As is usual with EU directives, they are open to wide interpretation. Wherever you decide to apply, the procedures on residency can be canceled as soon as the driver's license has been issued. There is no law that you have to surrender the driver's license if you no longer have any connection with the country. There are many reasons why you may have a connection with a foreign country, work, study, family, friends, or even just your intention to go there. There are no rules governing why. Contact us today!


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