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We specialise in the supply of driving licences with or without exchange of any driving licence you have had in the past!


We do not supply fake driving licence, we only obtain genuine driving licences from government issuers! If you want a fake driving licence please look elsewhere.

You supply the driving licence to exchange or we will!

Once you supply us with your existing licence or we obtain one for you from a donor country...we can start the exchange

We specialise in exchanging genuine driving licences. Driving licences can be exchanged worldwide without a test! We cannot get every driving licence worldwide, only a few countries offer driving licence exchange by post, or by using a power of attorney document. Other countries require the licence holder to be there in person, in these cases we are more than happy to provide specialised assistance only.

Have you moved abroad?

Lost your licence somehow? Physically or legally?

What's this Website about? Lots of our clients have passed a test in one country only to find themselves not being able to drive in another country because of bureaucracy. They may have a valid driving licence from outside the country they are residing in and still be expected to do the test all over again! We do not think that is fair and will help in any way we can to fix this...

...they may have moved abroad and cannot renew a driving licence because they are no longer a resident in the country of issue or many of other reasons why they need a solution. Welcome to our website where you can obtain help with securing a new driving licence. No fake driving licence are available here - we only help with obtaining genuine driving licences from the relevant government department in any one of the countries we have agents in or knowledge of. The process can be simple with our help! You must choose the entitlements that you wish to have and then complete our on-line application form. You then scan in a passport portrait type photo and email it to us. We will then apply on your behalf and forward the driving licence to your contact address once issued (minimum approximately 3 to 4 weeks). Don't bother with fake driving licences, you will get caught! This is a game where everything is possible if you have the knowledge! Of course, back-doors to various systems, are wide open, especially in eastern Europe, where rules and procedures are often decided by small village office clerks who are responsible for exchanging driving licences and entering your details into a government database to issue a new one! If you are stuck without a driving licence one way would be to declare your existing driving licence lost or stolen, and in some countries they will issue an emergency driving licence for tourists and we are able to obtain and exchange emergency driving licences for regular driving licences in some foreign countries. …
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First we get everything translated. With stamps. Officials love stamps.
Then we make sure your new photos are approved.
We provide your signature so it will be on the new driving licence.
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Polish licences can be used or exchanged throughout the European Union with ease, and used worldwide with a translation certificate.


As a Full Member of the European Union, a driving licence from Romania is valid worldwide!


Welcome to the Wild East, with the country still at war with itself and Russia, its possible to get one here! Although not a member of the E.U., the licence can still be exchanged in a few E.U. countries.

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